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Therapy is weird. 

Congrats on pushing through the weirdness and finding yourself here.
When you're brave enough to ask for help, all the magic in the world comes to your aid. 

Here are some of my beliefs about therapy. 

See if you connect with any of them.

  • I believe the goal of therapy is to not need therapy.  We will set an intention and once you’ve realized that intention, you’ll move on.  Only to return when updates are needed or people are annoying.

  • There will be exceptions, some of you are therapy- lifers.  Full disclosure - I am too. 

  • I think feelings are interesting, but that's all they are.  What's really important is thought and action. 

  • I believe in radical self-compassion, failure and do- overs.

  • I believe in food, rest, sunshine and water.

  • I believe most of our suffering is the result of the stories we tell ourselves.

  • I believe most of the stories we tell ourselves are fiction.

  • I believe in thorough and thoughtful therapies that treat the whole person.

  • I believe in a concierge approach to therapy because life is happening all the time and struggle won't wait until the next session.

  • I believe in people and in our innate ability to recover.  And the best news is that the mind and body are always ready to recover. 


What in the world is concierge therapy?

Image by Max van den Oetelaar

Concierge therapy is mental health services that are personalized to your needs, meaning our work together is centered around what you need and is not limited to traditional office hours or session limits set by insurance.  A concierge model also means I am available to you throughout the healing process and not just during prescribed session times.  If you’re having a difficult day,  you can call or text me in that moment rather than waiting until your next appointment.  You will always be able to reach me online, by phone or through secure messaging the same day.

Here's a list of really awesome things that make concierge therapy the coolest:

Concierge therapists take a relational approach to therapy, meaning our relationship is part of the healing process. You won’t feel like a patient or a number.


Making appointments is stressful.  You won’t have to go through me or my office, you will have 24/7 access to my schedule and the ability to make an appointment at your discretion. But if you’re the sort of weirdo who likes talking to a live person, we can accommodate that too.


You can count on same day support from me or my assistant. If you’re in struggle and need to touch base, we’ve got you!


I offer flexible scheduling in the evenings and on weekends. I never want appointment times to be a barrier to  help.  


If needed, I can even come to your home for our sessions.


You and I can do therapy in-person, by phone, on video and even secure text messaging if that’s your preference.  If you need to text me during 2nd period, you can. No more waiting for an office visit to get support.


When you click the "appointment" button you'll be magically teleported to Bird & Branch, PLLC (that's the legal name of my business) where you'll have access to my calendar and all the fine print paperwork that's important for our work together.

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