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  1. Do The Robot.

  2. Go outside, sit in the sun.

  3. Take off your shoes, stand in the grass.

  4. Take a drive. Alone. With the windows down.

  5. Blow dry your hair.

  6. Buy someone a gift for no reason at all.

  7. Take off your bra, even if you’re at work.

  8. Hydrate yourself.

  9. Listen to some 90’s R&B.

  10. Make a remarkably kind comment on someone’s social media post.

  11. Buy yourself something new. Do it now.

  12. See how many people you can find today who remember Head Banger’s Ball.

  13. Rent Magic Mike, it doesn’t matter which part.

  14. Caffeinate yourself.

  15. Don’t go grocery shopping today.

  16. Put on something with an elastic waist, STAT.

  17. Give yourself permission to be in a mood - any mood.

  18. Listen to Episode 19, “The Wolves,” on the podcast, This is Love.

  19. Borrow your best friend’s perfume and smell like someone who loves you all day.

  20. Cry.

  21. Quack.

  22. Bark.

  23. Laugh at yourself.

  24. Talk to yourself in a British accent.

  25. Laugh at yourself some more.

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