“High Functioning” is a podcast for the covert (and not so covert) diagnosed (and diagnosable) men and women of the world and the people who love them (or tolerate them). Host Michelli Ramon explores the complexities of mental health in the everyday world with some delightful guests and poorly cited research. Stories of suicide, mood disorders, co-dependence and the mystery that is the male ego - all of it, up for discussion and fueled by research, humor, personal wisdom and nearly two decades of professional observations.


Michelli Ramon is a clinical social worker, mother, writer, girl’s girl, and a data obsessed biologist with a talent for talking about things that matter to women. Michelli’s work has been featured on a variety of television and radio programs including A&E’s Emmy Award winning program, “Intervention.” More recently you can read about her adventures in depression in her adorable and cleverly titled blog, “High Functioning Girls with Depression.”


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