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Individual Therapy $160/session (45-50 minutes)

Family/Sibling Therapy $185/session (60 minutes)

Intensive Trauma Therapy $240/session (90 minutes)

I don't take insurance.


Out-of-pocket payment provides you with the benefits of confidentiality, which I value highly. When a therapist (or any medical provider) bills your insurance, a diagnosis is required and that diagnosis, along with whatever treatment you receive, is discoverable.  That means other entities such as life or disability insurance providers will  have access to your mental health history.  I value privacy when it comes to mental health and so I do not bill to insurance companies directly.



If you want to try to get reimbursed by your insurance provider for our work together, I am happy to provide you with monthly receipts.  These receipts are called "superbills" even though there's nothing super about them.  These superbills will require a diagnosis and treatment code so, while I'm delighted to provide them I want you to know that's an official disclosure of your diagnosis and treatment.


If you have a spending account and corresponding card I can bill to that in lieu of a credit card.  You may be asked to provide a superbill at the end of the calendar year.

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