Michelli Ramon is a clinical social worker and nationally recognized educator on matters related to grief, trauma and addiction. She has trained with experts in the fields of expressive art therapy, shame resilience and trauma.

Michelli earned a Master of Social Work Degree from the Worden School of Social Service.  She is a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator and a Rapid Resolution Therapist. Her work has been featured on a variety of television and radio programs. In 2010 she was featured as an expert panelist on A&E’s Emmy Award winning program, “Intervention.”

Some of the core beliefs that underpin the work I do with people:

  • I fundamentally believe in every person’s innate ability to recover from trauma, addiction and life in general.

  • None of us are avoiding anything in life. If you wake up every morning and breathe in and out all day long, you’re dealing with your stuff. A tiny bit of intention is all it takes to begin the healing.

  • I wholeheartedly believe in self-compassion, radical acceptance, embracing failure and starting over.

Every now and then, you will be blessed to know such a soul as Michelli Ramon, who will come to you with an open and compassionate heart and innate wisdom, and you will be held and healed and whole. She fixes broken souls, mends shattered dreams, and helps us weave our stories back together so that we may learn a new way to tell our stories with a deeper understanding and less pain.

Jennifer J. Martin Author, Star Child: A Mother's Journey Through Grief

Michelli Ramon is an expert in connection and compassion. She has a unique way of implementing dynamic clinical social work skills into a palatible manner. She genuinely cares about the students who struggle with addiction, depression, and other mental disorders by way of her interactions as a social worker, therapist, teacher, and friend. Michelli Ramon gets to the root problems individuals are experiencing and leads them to enlightenment, healing, and closure. Yes, without reservation Michelli Ramon is about connection and compassion.

Dr. Shaun F. Hedgepeth, Professor, University of Texas at San Antonio

I’ve witnessed Michelli provide outstanding trainings at small and large venues for a diverse group of professionals, from therapists and nurses, to early childhood educators. More importantly, I’ve experienced her information-packed, practical, and relevant trainings. As a conference coordinator I’ve had access to top notch presenters from all over the country and without a doubt, Michelli is one of the best in her field.

Patricia Kittle, Training Coordinator, Seton Home
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