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Hi, I'm Michelli!

I'm a clinical social worker and nationally recognized educator and clinician.  I have trained with experts in the fields of expressive art therapy, shame, trauma, addiction and functional medicine. My work has been featured on a variety of television, podcast and radio programs, including A&E’s Emmy Award-winning program, “Intervention.”

Here are some of the core beliefs that underpin the work I do with people:

  • I believe in each person’s innate ability to recover.

  • I believe in radical self-compassion, failure and do overs.

  • I believe that everything you put in your body impacts your mood and, therefore, your relationship to the world around you.

  • I believe most of our suffering is the result of the stories we tell ourselves.

  • I believe most of the stories we tell ourselves are fiction.

  • I believe in thorough and thoughtful therapies that treat the whole person.

  • I believe that our moods are affected by the spaces we inhabit and that each of us is just one organized closet away from sanity.

  • I believe in focusing on the importance of the here and now.


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Every now and then, you will be blessed to know such a soul as Michelli Ramon, who will come to you with an open and compassionate heart and innate wisdom, and you will be held and healed and whole. She fixes broken souls, mends shattered dreams, and helps us weave our stories back together so that we may learn a new way to tell our stories with a deeper understanding and less pain.

Jennifer J. Martin Author, Star Child: A Mother's Journey Through Grief